FaTDoG Update


We are happy to see that the ticket sales are going well for FaTDoG. You can buy tickets at the following link:

Buy FaTDoG 2019 Tickets Here

Each ticket must be purchased individually. This is because of the way we generate your badges.

Please try to buy your tickets as soon as possible as I am required to give the venue a headcount to make plans for organizing the food, snacks and refreshments. This is very important so please purchase your tickets as soon as possible. It would help me out tremendously

Events at FaTDoG

Once again we will be using the game scheduler at grognard.com to schedule all events at FaTDoG. You can do this yourselves as individuals by logging onto Grognard.com. You must be a registered user for this website in order to use the new and improved version of the scheduler called Grognard Game Plan. You will find the icon for this in the upper right corner when you log on.


Click on this icon and it will bring you to the the screen below.

2019-11-02 (1)

There are two buttons. The first blue button takes you to the Grognard Game Plan page. The lower but will tell you more about how to use Game Plan. Click on the top button which says “Proceed to the Grognard Game Plan Page”. It will now bring you to the following page which lists all the conventions in the area.

2019-11-02 (2)


Click the View button just to the left of FaTDoG 2019. It will bring you to the page where you can schedule your game events.

2019-11-02 (3)

At this screen click on the Manage Event Games and you will find the following screen.

2019-11-02 (6)

You can now click on the Create New Game Session button and simply fill out the form to enter your game.

We would like everyone to use this to schedule their games even if they have already done so with a close friend so that other attendees can see what’s going on at the convention and possibly participate.

In summary. Please buy your tickets as soon as possible so that I can give the venue numbers to organize the food. Also use the Game Plan application at Grognard.com to schedule your game sessions.

Thank you all for your cooperation! I am really looking forward to seeing everyone once again at FaTDoG 2019!

FaTDoG 2019 is Happening!


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I am happy to announce that FaTDoG 2019 will again happen at the Radisson hotel Hauppauge on November 29 from 9 AM to 11 PM thanks to the support of you, the attendees, who were willing to pay the increased cost of admission. While we did not quite reach our goal of 100 backers, we came close enough that I was willing to take the financial risk and continue the tradition of FaTDoG.

For those of you who receive messages that you confirmed for the smaller venue, you must now buy tickets on the Eventbrite site. You will deftly have a spot so no worries but please purchase your tickets as soon as possible as a need to soon give a headcount of attendees so that we can plan for the meals, sodas and snacks.

Here is the link to purchase tickets:

Buy Tickets for FaTDoG 2019 

I’d like to thank you all for your support. It was very heartwarming to see how much you enjoy FaTDoG. I hope to continue it as long as I am financially and physically able. Thank you all!

The Countdown to FaTDoG 2019

The countdown to FaTDoG 2019 is running by quickly. Once again I implore you to help me out and purchase your tickets early. I need to get ahead can so that we can make appropriate arrangements for food and beverage I would greatly appreciate it if people could purchase their as soon as possible.
You can purchase your tickets at the following link


This year I have many excellent new mint games for the raffle from various publishing companies. If anyone has any request for game to appear in the raffle please let me know as soon as possible particularly people who enjoy euro games as I am not as familiar with that genre and would appreciate people’s help in selecting games that might be popular for the raffle. I will try to obtain those games for you and put some in the raffle.

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Finally I’d like to ask everyone to schedule their games Game Plan at Grognard.com so that everyone can see the events going on at FaTDoG. Please everyone welcome new players to these games and teach the games as possible. Shortly we will be announcing some game events to be run by our staff. Keep up-to-date by checking our website FaTDoGcon.com.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at FaTDoG 2019!

Harvey, Dave, Chris

Update on FaTDoG 2019

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I am sorry for not posting more regarding our efforts to rethink FaTDoG 2019 but real life intervenes. Nevertheless our silence is not an indication of any less effort to work on our underlying dilemma for the convention. We made an exhaustive search of all Long Island for a less expensive venue that will hold the number of people that we attract (upwards of 160). This has been a very difficult task and I like to give special thanks to David VanderWerf and Dan Miller who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to find us a new home.As I said in previous emails and postings there are essentially three options.
1. Do not hold FaTDoG . This is not happening!
2. Sponsor a much reduced event. This will limit the number of people that can but also will be much less expensive.
3. Keep FaTDoG the way it has been the past few years at an increased price to cover the expense.

Well option 1 is out. We are going to hold FaTDoG somewhere.

Option 2 is the most likely outcome. Space will be much reduced allowing only 50-60 attendees. Outside my core wargaming group and special guests this will leave approximately 35 slots for additional attendees which will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. The cost would be $25 to cover lunch and dinner which will be heroes, side salads and some soft drinks. In essence it will be like going back as it was five years ago. This is a difficult option to swallow since FaTDoG has grown every year since its inception. It means more than half of the usual attendees will not be able to attend.

Option 3 would require a price tag of approximately $60 to keep FaTDoG as it was the last few years. However we would need to have a guaranteed attendance of at least 100 people to make this financially viable. Although I got some people who appreciatively express their devotion to FaTDoG and are not balking at the increased price., It was only one third of numbers needed.
We have been actively looking for a cheaper venue that can hold the required amount of people for full attendance. We have one more venue that we are actively investigating and I expect to know about this by Friday. If this falls through and I do not have the required number of people for option 3, we will revert to option 2.

So how do we proceed from here?

I need everyone who is willing to keep FaTDoG the way it was (option 3) simply send an email that include your full name and your pledge to attend FaTDoG 2019 for the amount of $60 to FaTDoGcon@aol.com. This must be done by Friday. If I have the required numbers I will go ahead and plan FaTDoG as it was last year.

If I do not get the required numbers we will go with option 2. I will let you know when the slots are available

I apologize for this turn of events. I always wanted FaTDoG to continue its meteoric growth but we have now become a victim of our own success as the expense of the event has risen in conjunction with attendance. Those that know me well understand I have devoted the last 53 years of my life to the hobby and will continue to work as life permits for the betterment of gaming. I appreciate everyone’s support over the past years and your devotion to the cause!


Harvey Mossman

Change of course for FATDOG 2019

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Many of you have been wondering why you have not heard anything about FaTDoG 2019. I’ve been trying to decide what to do going forward. There’s been a change of circumstance in my life and I am now currently retired from the practice of medicine.

Since FATDOG left the realm of my basement, it has always been a labor of love, and I always tried to keep the attendance fee at a very reasonable price by subsidizing the event out of personal income. However, it has become a victim of its own success and the rapid growth of the convention has greatly raised the amount of subsidy required. We are now getting over 160 people attending regularly and to break even financially would require an entry fee of approximately $60 per person with an attendance of 140 people. We do have a fantastic deal at the Radisson because the contract stipulates if food and beverage costs are equal to or greater than the price of the room ($6000) the room will be free of charge. Hence, we get a tremendous venue space and excellent food for a very reasonable price. I raised the entry fee to $35 last year, but you do get a lot for your money including two excellent five course hot meals, free beverages, a fairly substantial door prize, vendors, a fleamarket, and a fantastic game raffle wrapped in 15 hours of amazing gaming. My concern is that if I raise the price to $60 to cover all expenses, we would have a severe drop off in attendance.
I have been lucky enough to have disposable income to make up the difference but now that I’m retired circumstances have changed a bit. I now must consider three options.

1. Not hold FATDOG at all
2. Hold FATDOG in some type of income neutral venue
3. Proceed with FATDOG as is but charge a much higher entrance fee.

Option 1 was never a consideration as we have a great group of gamers on Long Island and I wanted to continue the tradition in some fashion.

I will skip over option 2 for the moment and discuss option 3. FATDOG at the current venue costs approximately $10,500. This includes approximately $7500 for the food/ room, $1500 for tips to the maître d’ and staff, $1000 for the door prizes and raffle, $500 for commercial liability insurance and the rest at sundry expenses including advertising, Facebook pages, etc. The biggest cost is obviously the food/room but as I stated above, we do get an excellent deal. And exhaustive search for other less expensive venues on Long Island that can accommodate the growing attendance while allowing us to game from 9 AM to midnight was unsuccessful. I must thank Dave Vanderheuf who searched high and low on Long Island for other venues. Other venues such as museums/libraries are not open on the Friday after Thanksgiving as they consider that a holiday. VFW’s and churches will not give us time past 4 or 5 PM. Additionally, in those venues, we must do all the setup of tables and chairs and the breakdown afterwards. Surprisingly, they are not cheaper than what we have in our current situation. Other hotels are 3 to 4 times the price for the same size room and charge us for three sessions: morning, afternoon and evening.

So …what are we to do? I would need a guarantee of 150 attendees paying $60 per person before I could sign the contract for the event. I do not think this could reasonably be done unless we have a tremendous groundswell of support. I leave it to you, the paying public, to decide.

There were additional factors that steered me away from the bigger event. As the event has grown, I spend more time running the event then time gaming. This has made the event less satisfying personally. It also takes a bigger effort each year to organize, set up and take down. While I have some help from my wargaming club, I hate to impose on them further.

Which brings us to option 2. As many of you know, FATDOG started in my basement many years ago as an invitation-only event among wargaming friends. This option would bring us back to something like those roots. We have a free venue space at the Bethpage library from 9 AM to 9 PM. However, it can only accommodate 50-60 gamers. There would be no hot meals, but we will provide heroes and side salads like we used to do at FATDOG. There would be a small entry fee of $15 to cover those costs. This option involves some difficult and distasteful choices as we simply cannot accommodate everybody that has attended in the past.

Therefore, I am opening it up to discussion for the next two weeks before I must decide as to how to proceed. Please feel free to leave comments on FATDOGcon.com and our Facebook page. Please keep these comments tasteful and the discussion polite.

Warmest regards,


Only 3 more days to buy FatDoG 2018 Tickets!

There are only 3 more days to buy your tickets for FaTDoG 2018. Please don’t wait till last minute. We have well over 100 attendees now and hoping to make this the biggest and best attended FaTDoG yet.

Tickets can be purchased at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-friday-after-thanksgiving-day-of-gaming-tickets-49974392754?ref=wpwidget

And here’s some FaTDoG trivia:

The first FaTDoG was held at my house in 2002 and included for people, Bill Ramsey, Gary Andrews, Ray Gorka and myself.

IMG_0949 (2)

By 2013 FaTDoG was held in my basement and we crammed 26 people into the room with plenty of tables for gaming.


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In 2012 we decided it had outgrown my basement and took it to a nearby hotel

the Four Points by Sheraton in Bethpage and attendance grew to over 50 people

By 2016 we had outgrown that space and moved it to the current location

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The first FaTDoG was awarded at FaTDoG 2016 to Don Allen and I can’t even remember what he did to earn it!

  1. Over 1000 games have been won at our raffles over the years!
  2. The first FaTDoG collectible door prize was a FaTDoG T-shirt
  3. over 1200 FaTDoG door prizes have been given away over the years.
  4. Over 1200 gamers have attended FaTDoG over the years!
  5. Over 2400 meals have been served at FaTDoG!

So don’t you think it’s time you are part of the fun? Buy your ticket now and come to one of the greatest gaming conventions ever!

I hope to see you all at FaTDoG 2018!

FaTDoG 2018 0nly 12 Days Away!

It is only 12 days until FaTDoG 2018!

Here is the vendor list as of today

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Against the Odds Magazine will also be bringing Highflying Dice Games for sale

J and R Hobbies of Long Island. These guys always do a great job of bringing a wide selection of games including MultiMan publishing, GMT, and a wide variety of other war game related material.

Ray Weiss of a new company called conflict simulations LLC and he will have 3-5 new games for sale at a discount.

Daniel Miller of Field Marshallen will be there in the afternoon selling some oldies and some rare and collectible games. Dan always finds interesting stuff to bring to FaTDoG

FaTDoG Game Store yes we will have our own little store for you to get discount games!

There may be one or 2 other vendors that will be coming at the last minute. We will fill you in when things have been finalized.

With only 12 days left to FaTDoG 2018 I ask once again that you buy your tickets online as soon as possible so that I can inform the venue of the number of guests attending. This is critical so please help me help you to have a great FaTDoG by buying your tickets now if you think you are going to attend.

Tickets can be purchased at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-friday-after-thanksgiving-day-of-gaming-tickets-49974392754?ref=wpwidget

Looking forward to seeing everyone at FaTDoG!


Scheduling Game Events at FaTDoG 2018

FatDOG Game Scheduler
The FaTDoG Game Event Scheduler is up and running. It is easy to use and I ask that everyone planning a game session post it on the Scheduler. We will then be able to post a complete list of games, tournaments and demos at FaTDoG 2018. It is also a great way to let people know what your game interests are and to find players for your game.
Anyone can run a Game Event. I have awards and prizes to give out for people that run a tournament and those that win. We just need to know what games you would like to see in tournament format. All tournaments are friendly and we welcome new players so don’t be intimidated.

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FaTDoG 2018 Game Pre-Event Sale

FaTDoG 2018 presale

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We have brought back the FaTDoG presale  The deadline is October 24.

So far we have the following companies participating. I’m waiting to hear from several others.

GMT will have a 25% discount

Compass games will have a 20% discount

Legion wargames is offering a 30% discount

Revolution games is offering a 20% discount

Dan Verssen in games is offering a 30% discount

Academy games 20% discount on only the following games: 1754, 1812 and 1775, 878 Vikings, Freedom and Mare Nostrum


Here is how to order.

  1. Only games that are currently in print as of the time we order can be included in your purchase. Do not order preorder games even if the company states they will be out by the time of FaTDoG. Also, if the company is currently offering a discount it is not likely as much as we are going to get . If you want a discounted game you must give me the list price and we will take the discount off from there.
  2. Please give me the exact name of the game, the company that publishes it, and the full list price of the game without any discounts from the publisher. This can be sent to me in a simple email to FatDogCon@aol.com and your game will not be ordered unless it contains these 3 pieces of information.
  3. I must have your order no later than October 24 at midnight. They will be no exceptions to this. I need time to bundle the orders and send them off to the publishers to give them time to fulfill the orders before FaTDoG.
  4. I have decided that we will not put the games in the FaTDoG store so that people do not have to rush to purchase them. We will revert to the old system of sending me your order and I will issue you an invoice and purchase purchase the game for you and keep them on hold. You can pick them up at FaTDoG at your leisure.
  5. In order to participate in the presale you must have already purchased a ticket to FaTDoG online.

Please start sending your orders in as soon as possible as it takes time to generate the invoices and collate all of the orders.

Thank you


And now for something completely different

We are planning to try some new ideas at FaTDoG 2018. Please see below


The Curb Your Dog Raffle

This will be a new concept we are trying for FaTDoG 2018. This raffle will be reserved for highly sought, new, very expensive games or games that have long been out of print and are highly valued. Tickets will be $5 each and will be a special color to denote them from the Underdog raffle (see below). These games will be listed online prior to FaTDoG so  everyone will have an idea what’s in this raffle. For example, we have a new complete Kickstarter version of Steve Jackson’s Ogre, a brand-new Gloomhaven, Scythe with all its expansions, Terraforming Mars and its expansions and some very rare out of print wargames.

There will be one caveat however;  in order for someone to win these games in the raffle there must be a certain minimum number of tickets in the raffle cup to cover the cost of the game. Each raffle cup will clearly display the number of tickets needed in order for the winner to claim his prize. For example, Steve Jackson’s Ogre game will require a minimum of 60 tickets. We will make every effort by way of announcements prior to awarding the raffle to try to reach this level so that games can be claimed. Should there not be enough tickets in a particular game, we will pick one raffle ticket from that game’s cup and award half the money value of the tickets to that person or the person can choose to buy enough tickets to make up for the shortfall and in this way he will win the game. T In this way will be able to offer high-value, dearly sought after games in this raffle. Hence the name of the raffle… Because if you win one of these games you have truly stepped in sh@#t!

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