FaTDoG is the annual Friday After Thanksgiving Day of Gaming now held at the Radisson Hotel in Happaugue, NY  It started over 16 years ago in my basement when I found myself all alone on the Friday after Thanksgiving while my wife and daughters battled the inane shoppers hunting for Christmas gift deals.  What does a gamer do when he has no responsibilities for the day?  He games of course!!


So I invited 3 friends over to game and we gamed until midnight upon which my weary shoppers returned.  The following year the story was repeated only I invited 6 friends over…and then 10 and then 14…..  When we breached 26 gamers in subsequent years. I knew I had to move FaTDoG to a bigger venue.  We moved to a local hotel and conference center and as word spread, FaTDoG grew from a small puppy to a mature DoG!

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FaTDoG now draws over 150 people for a great day of Historical boardgaming and Conflict simulation.  It also incorporates Historical Miniatures and lively Eurogaming.  We provide free food and drinks, a huge game raffle, a flea market to sell your used games and books, and 15 hours of the most fun you will have on any given Friday.

So I hope you will come and check it out this year.  Just click on the EventBrite widget in the left sidebar to purchase your ticket and bring the games you want to play.  You can always find an amicable opponent at FaTDoG.

See you there!!