Hey fellow Fatdoggies!
Fred Manzo and I are planning on running demos of both Hammerin’ Sickles:Longstreet Attacks at Gettysburg

and At Any Cost: Metz 1870

during the convention. Both games are on the GMT P500 list and so far doing quite well. If you’re interested in playtesting a shorter scenario for either of these games, we’d love to have you join us. Anyone who does so will be listed as an official playtester in the published game credits and you will receive, for free, $10 in raffle coupons to use in the FATDOG Game Raffle later in the day. Great deal, right? We just ask that you play the scenario to conclusion and provide us with some input and overall opinion of the game and scenario.
We’ll post something up here in the near future so those interested can sign up and we’ll get you rules, etc. so you can be prepared to go.
Thanks and see you at the show!