We are happy to announce a new feature for FaTDoG this year called the FaTDoG Commissary. This will be our vendor’s area.  We will have John Grasse from Ye Old Toy and Soldier Shop in Connecticut present to sell games at wonderfully discounted prices.  John is a great guy and usually brings an assortment of unusual and hard-to-find items so make sure you check out his booth. I also have been able to work out a special FaTDoG discount from the following companies for their war games:

  • Academy Games at http://academygames.com/  will be giving a 40% discount on their entire product line
  • Against the Odds Magazine at http://www.atomagazine.com/index.cfm will be selling issues of Against the Odds magazine (which includes a game in each issue) for a mere $18 ziplock edition or $23 for boxed edition (includes a counter tray) and their Annual Issues and Campaign Studies for the discounted price of $25.  Their Turning Point Simulation games will be discounted to $18 for the ziplock versions and $23 for the boxed version.
  • Columbia Games at http://www.columbiagames.com/ will be selling their entire product line for 30% discount but told me if our order exceeds $500 they will give a 40% discount on all the ordered games.
  • Compass Games at http://compassgames.com/ will be giving us a 30% discount on their entire line of products.
  • Dan Verssen Games at http://www.dvg.com/ will be giving us a 40% discount on his entire line of products.
  • One Small Step at http://ossgames.com/ will be giving us a 35% discount on their entire line of products.
  • Collins Epic Wargames at http://www.collinsepicwargames.com/ will be giving us a 40% discount on their entire line of products
  • Victory Point Games at http://www.victorypointgames.com/ will be giving us a 20% discount on their entire line of products.
  • GMT games at http://www.gmtgames.com/default.aspx will be giving us a %35 discount on all games in print!

The games from these companies must be pre-ordered, paid for and will be available for pickup at FaTDoG. In order for you to take advantage of these discounts you must:

  1. Have registered paid for your ticket to FaTDoG by going to FaTDoGcon.com and clicking on the EventBrite widget in the left column.
  2. Visit the company’s website listed above. You can order any products that are listed and are currently in print.
  3. Please specify the exact name of the games you wish to order and the retail price of the game as listed on the publisher’s website. We will calculate the correct discount.
  4. You must email me at FaTDoGcon@aol.com with your order no later than October 31.
  5. I will send you a return email to confirm the total cost of your order.
  6. Once you receive the email confirmation and total cost for your order, you must pay for your order via PayPal at HMossmanMD@aol.com (preferred method) or by sending me a check made out to Harvey Mossman at the address specified in the confirmation email.  The check must arrive no later than October 31.  There will be no refunds once your order is submitted.
  7. Your order will be available for pickup at FaTDoG. If you cannot attend, you must notify us via email the name of the person who will be picking up your order and they will have to show a photo ID to retrieve your order.

This is a wonderful opportunity for us to augment our game libraries at an absolutely tremendous discount. You can buy games for Christmas gifts, friends and wargame clubs.  Now you can purchase games that you were on the fence about at a tremendously reduced price.  The more games we buy from John Grasse and the game publishers, the more likely they are to continue to support future FaTDoG’s in this way.  Also, we are likely to attract other vendors and game publishers if the FaTDoG Commissary is a success.  I am working on getting a vendor who sells euro games and if anyone knows vendors who would like to sell miniatures at FaTDoG, please let me know. This gives you 3 options for obtaining games at FaTDoG. We have the very popular FaTDoG Raffle, the FaTDoG Flea Market for buying preowned war games and now the FaTDoG Commissary! We continue to listen to your feedback and work hard to improve FaTDoG. We are always ready to listen to suggestions and will attempt to implement new ones each year.  I hope we are moving FaTDoG in the direction that you want and we look forward to seeing you this year. So please go to FaTDoGcon.com and purchase your ticket using the EventBrite widget in the left column so that you can be registered to take advantage of the FaTDoG Commissary. Send me your orders as soon as possible and remember that the more we collectively order, the more likely the publishers will continue to support us each year!