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Although FaTDoG is still 2 months away it is always a good idea for people to try to organize games they want to play.  To facilitate this, we have the Game Events Sign-Up Page.  Just click on the menu above for FaTDoG game events and see what games other people have submitted and who was signed up for which games.

In order to get a requested game event  on this page, just email me at FaTDoGCon@aol.com  specifying the game you want to put on the event page,  the publisher of the game, the number of players required and the time you want to start the game.

If there is a game already on the page that you would like to sign up for, just email me and I will add  your name  to that came if the number of players required has not been reached.

We are also looking for people to run  historical miniatures events and let’s get some euro games  on the event page also !

Remember  that it is not absolutely necessary to sign up for a FaTDoG game event  in advance  as there is usually  quite a bit of open spontaneous gaming going on and you can almost always find an opponent at FaTDoG.