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GMT games will be the featured game publisher at FaTDoG this year.  Several of their designers will be showcasing P 500 games.  They have also graciously signed on as part of the FaTDoG Commissary to sell their line of games at a fantastic 35% discount!

Remember, to take part in the FaTDoG Commissary discount game sale you must  be purchased your ticket for FaTDoG (go to the website and click on the Buy Ticket Button in the left hand column) and placed your order via email at before October 31.

Remember, this is a great opportunity to by games ,gifts for other wargamers or update club libraries. The more games we buy, the more likely all the war game publishers will continue to extend these offers year after year for FaTDoG attendees.

Additionally,  Against the Odds magazine  will allow purchase of their boxed regular   Against the Odds magazine  for a cost of  $23 .    These come with the magazine, game and  counter tray.    They have also offered us their Turning Point Simulation games ziplocked at $18 and boxed at $23 .

So buy your tickets for FaTDoG, email your orders to and  we will have your games for you at FaTDoG !