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FaTDoG started out as a historical boardgame convention but we are extending the convention to make it a more enjoyable experience for those of you who like to play Euro games. How are we doing this?

Euro gamers will have their own event sign up menu at the top of the website. Just click on that and it will bring you to the sign-up page.  In order to sign up for a particular event or game just send an email to telling me what game you would like to play, your name and the time. You can also suggest games to play as events in this way. I will then post your suggested game event on the website or place your name next to an event that is already present. That is how you know you are signed up for that event. So keep checking back at the website to see what events are posted.
We will be reserving special tables for Euro games in the main gaming area so those of you who enjoy euro games will have plenty of space to play

We also have more Euro games in the raffle this year. Since I am not a euro gamer per se, I would appreciate those of you who are helping me out by emailing me and letting me know what games are popular and what games you would like to see in the raffle.

We are working on having vendors there selling Euro games at discounted prices.

We are always open to suggestions on how to improve FaTDoG to make it a more enjoyable experience. Please feel free to contact us at with your suggestions. We really need your help and advice to make this a better convention for Euro gamers.