Preparations for FaTDoG are moving along nicely and this promises to be the best one yet. The first order of business is to remind everyone that there is only one week left to order discounted games through the FaTDoG commissary.  We must close out the orders by October 31.

Here are the steps to make your orders. 1.  Buy a ticket to FaTDoG – go to and click on the “Buy Tickets” icon in the upper left-hand corner margin.  Simply follow the instructions.  You will receive an email confirmation. 2.  Listed below and on web site it tells you the companies that are offering the discounted games and their company website.  Go to the game publishers website to select the games you want to buy.  Make note of the title of the game and the list price.  Do not buy the game on the game publishers website because you will not get the discount and you will pay shipping and handling 3.  Email me the games you want to buy and the list price at
4.  I will send you a confirmation email with the discounted price of your games and a total to pay. 5.  You may pay via PayPal (preferred) with my email address of or send a check to Harvey Mossman, 19 Stoothoff Rd. East Northport, NY 11731.
6.  Your games will be available for pickup at FaTDoG!

Here are the game publishers offering discounts.

  • Academy Games at  will be giving a 40% discount on their entire product line
  • Against the Odds Magazine at will be selling issues of Against the Odds magazine (which includes a game in each issue) for a mere $18 ziplock edition or $23 for boxed edition (includes a counter tray) and their Annual Issues and Campaign Studies for the discounted price of $25.  Their Turning Point Simulation games will be discounted to $18 for the ziplock versions and $23 for the boxed version.
  • Columbia Games at will be selling their entire product line for 30% discount but told me if our order exceeds $500 they will give a 40% discount on all the ordered games.
  • Compass Games at will be giving us a 30% discount on their entire line of products.
  • Dan Verssen Games at will be giving us a 40% discount on his entire line of products.
  • One Small Step at will be giving us a 35% discount on their entire line of products.
  • Collins Epic Wargames at will be giving us a 40% discount on their entire line of products
  • Victory Point Games at will be giving us a 20% discount on their entire line of products.
  • GMT games at will be giving us a %35 discount on all games in print!
So please, get your orders in to me as soon as possible.  The more we collectively order, the more likely the game publisher will extend this benefit to FaTDoG attendees each year.