Welcome to the FatDoG 2015 game presale. This is an added bonus to preregistered attendees coming to the best day of gaming in New York! In short, we have arranged for unprecedented discounts from your favorite game companies. It is an excellent opportunity to expand your game library!


However, to participate, you must follow these simple rules:

1)   You must have already purchased a ticket for FatDoG.   You can obtain a ticket at this the web link:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/friday-after-thanksgiving-day-of-gaming-fatdog-2015-tickets-18491674095?ref=wpwidget

2) You can order any game or magazine that is currently in print on the publisher’s site. You cannot get the discount for games that are still in preorder on the publisher site. Do not order the games through the publisher’s website. You must order the games through us to obtain the FaTDoG discount!

3) Submit the order to me at HMossmanMD@aol.com . Be very specific about which games and magazines you want. You must let me know if you want the game in a zip lock or boxed addition for some of the publishers. Next to each game please put the publisher’s regular published price for the game found on their website.


4) Once you email us your order, we will send you back a confirmation with the total cost accounting for all the publisher discounts. You must make payment when you receive the confirmation. You can make payment via PayPal at HMossmanMD@aol.com or you may contact me at that email to make arrangements to pay me with a personal check.

5)  Your games will be delivered to you at FaTDog.

6) All orders must be placed and paid for before October 29, 2015

Participating Game Publishers:


Operational Studies Group

http://napoleongames.com/main_page.html                          30% discount


Victory Point Games

http://www.victorypointgames.com/                                        20% discount


Dan Verssen Games

http://www.dvg.com/                                                            40% Discount


Academy Games

https://academygames.com/                                                  40% discount


GMT Games

http://www.gmtgames.com/default.aspx                                 40% discount


Legion Wargames

http://www.legionwargames.com/                                          40% discount


Revolution Games

http://www.revolutiongames.us/                                           25% discount


Columbia Games

http://www.columbiagames.com/                                          40% discount

Compass Games Logo

Compass Games

http://compassgames.com/                                                  40% discount

Operational Studies Group

http://napoleongames.com/main_page.html                        30% discount


Against the Odds Magazines


Magazines                                                                                                          $18 Zip locked     $24 boxed

Annuals and Campaign Studies                                   $24 zip locked      $30 boxed

Turning Point Simulations

http://www.turningpointsimulations.com/                   $18 zip locked       $24 boxed

Decision Games

Decision Games





will give us a 15% discount for a total FaTDoG bulk order $500–$999

will give us a 20% discount for a total FaTDoG bulk order $1000-$1499

will give us a 25%  discount for a total FaTDoG bulk order $1500-$1999

will give us a 30% discount for a total FaTDoG bulk order $2000 plus

Flying Pig Logo

Flying Pig Games

http://www.flyingpiggames.com/                                           10% discount

Tiny Pig Logo

Tiny Battle

http://tinybattlepublishing.com/                                             10% discount

Take advantage of the generosity of these game publishers who help support FaTDoG every year. The more we order as a group, the more likely they will participate in years to come and we will be able to continue to enjoy the benefits of getting games that we love at reduced prices.

If you have any questions, please contact me at FatDogCon@aol.com