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Now that the FaTDoG presale is over we need to focus on the games that people want to play at FaTDoG.

David Miller has graciously offered to host his classic Circus Maximus miniatures game but he will be starting much earlier this time as the last time he ran too well after midnight. Dave will have it set up in the miniatures room and people should stop by to see when post time will be to start the race. He can accommodate up to 16 players. This was a lot of fun and a great spectacle to see.

Chris Palermo once again has the Wiki board site going for FaTDoG at

Chris has done a great job with this and there were already games up on the board for people to join. If you want to add a game or add your name to a pre-existing game, simply click on the EDIT tab up top and request permission from Chris to edit the site. He is very good about granting permission in less than 24 hours. This is a great site to utilize to organize games that require multiple players and see what games are going on at FaTDoG.

Of course people are free to bring their own games as FaTDoG is all about open gaming. We will have a whiteboard by the registration desk where people can list games they are planning to play and how many players they need. They will also list the time that the game will be played and its location. In this way people can see what games are going on and what games they might want to join so no one should ever be without anything to do at FaTDoG.

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We are especially looking for some people to run some miniatures events so if anyone is interested, please contact me.

We have several vendors who will be attending and as usual a large raffle with an expanded euro game section.
We will also have the fleamarket where people can sell their games and books. As we’ve done in the past, people can simply leave their games for sale on the fleamarket table with a listing of the prices. You can leave your cell phone number so that while you’re playing a game potential buyers can contact you to close the deal.
I am also asking people to send me any photos they have from the FaTDoG 2014. Unfortunately my computer died and in transferring my files to the new computer I lost the FaTDoG 2014 photos. So if anyone has some good quality photos from FaTDoG 2014, please send them to me.

Remember we are trying to make FaTDoG your convention so if you have any suggestions or requests, don’t be shy about asking us.

Please take the time to preregister so that we can get an idea of the likely attendance. FaTDoG has become a bit of a logistical dilemma trying to guess the right amount of food, drinks, door prizes etc to order. Therefore it is helpful if we have an idea from preregistration. Also preregistration saves you money as the tickets will be more expensive at the door.. You can register at    It would also be helpful if everyone can “follow” this website for up-to-the-minute information about FaTDoG

And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook at
We are looking forward to seeing you at FaTDoG.