Some people come to FaTDoG to play with little cardboard pieces, others with little wooden blocks and meeples, but many come to FaTDoG to play games involving highly detailed diorama quality map boards, and beautifully painted miniature soldiers.

We will have plenty of miniature games going on at FaTDoG 2015. James Lombardi will be running a French Foreign Legion game using Sword and the Flame rules.

World War II Skirmish level miniatures with Bolt Action rules will also be played in the miniatures room

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We will have Thunder Roads, a Mad Max style game for those of you who are fans of the genre.


And let’s not forget Dave Miller’s wonderful Circus Maximus, kind of a mad Max style game for the fans of ancient Rome.

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We will have an event sign up board by the registration desk. Just look for the time these games will be played and list your name as wanting to participate. There is usually never a problem to get into any of these games as they all take multiple players.

See you at FaTDoG!