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FaTDoG 2015 has come and gone and it will soon be time to prepare for next year. Everyone had a great time. We had 112 attendees traveling from as far as California as well as  southern New Jersey, Connecticut and all the local areas in between.

Historical War gaming was well represented at FaTDoG with games from GMT, Multi-Man Publishing, Avalon Hill, Hasbro, Victory Point Games, Revolution games, Legion Wargames, Academy Games, Columbia Games, OSG, Dan Versen Games, Turning Point Simulations, Against the Odds Magazine and many others. There were some monster games and many other small manageable games played.

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The miniatures area was busy with demos of Sergeants!, Bolt Action, Foreign Legion, Golem Arcana, Thunder Road, and of course, Circus Maximus. This year it was Legendary Realms own Colin Wessel who survived the three treacherous laps of Circus Maximus to win the coveted FaTDoGGy award!

Euro games were also well represented and perhaps the part of the convention that grew the most. We also had an expanded Euro game section in the raffle.

Food spread (2)

We ate 36 feet of heroes, 22 pieces, 16 pounds of side salad and 360 soft drinks in 15 hours of continuous gaming some of the best people that I know.

It is a wonderful crowd that attends FaTDoG each year and I am happy to be acquainted with all of them. This year we held a special auction for Rich Rochlitz who unfortunately passed away. Rich was a true gentleman with a big heart who loved wargaming. We auctioned off some of his collection to help out his family and I must commend everyone who attended for supporting this wonderful cause.

We had 14 wargame companies support us during the presale to FaTDoG where attendees get deep discounts for game purchases. We also had local game stores such as J and D Hobbies, Legendary Realms and GameMaster games support us by selling their games at the convention. They universally agreed to come back next year.

We all had a great time and the question on everyone’s lips at the end was “Why do we have to wait another whole year before doing this again?”. There is some talk about having a convention again in the spring and I will let you know more about this as plans develop.

Thank you all for attending FaTDoG. We hope you will spread the word and let your friends know about this great convention. Invite them along for next year.
And I would ask a special favor of all of you to send me your pictures so that I may share them with others.
Have great holidays !