FaTDoG is all about gaming and believe me, there will be plenty of games to play. Historical board games will be in abundance. Euro games will be ubiquitous and we also have historical and some science fiction miniature events.

Everyone is welcome to bring games to play and you can always find opponents  here.  So don’t be shy and bring that game you haven’t had a chance to play yet!

You can find it all at FaTDoG!


There is no official sign up for these events. We’ve tried that in the past and it just never worked out well.

Games will be listed on the Game Event Board at FaTDoG and also will be announced over the overhead public address system.

Below is a partial list, I repeat partial list of games that are planning to be played at FaTDoG 2016.


 Historical Board Games


The Lamps are Going Out

Old School Tactical

Washington’s War

Fire in the Lake

Russian Civil War

Kasserine Pass

Twilight in the East

Tarleton’s Quarter


Axis and Allies Global Addition


Struggle for Empire

Napoleonic Wars

Dark Horse

Thunder in the Ozarks



Hands in the Sea

Amateur to Arms

Falling Sky

Star Wars Rebellion

Euro and Science-Fiction Games

Small World




Tomorrow the World

Stellar Imperium

Cataan Series

Puerto Rico

Grand Prix

Dawn of the Zeds

War of the Ring

Terrsforming Mars

A Feast for Odin

Sea Fall

Mythic Battles Pantheon


Arkham Horror


Fury of Dracula



 Miniature events will soon be announced