FaTDoG 2016 has come and gone and I would like to thank all of you make this such a memorable event. The new location at the UpSky Hotel allowed us to have all board gamers in the same contiguous area which allowed us space to spread out our maps, player aid cards and rules. It was nice to have all the board gamers in one place.

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We had several designers showing off their upcoming games. I participated in a game of Pericles, soon to be released by GMT and designed by award-winning designer Mark Herman. This simulates the  interfactional politics of each city and how it effected overall war strategies in a fresh look at the first and second Peloponnesian wars. Everyone will want this game in their libraries and I am sure it will soon be considered a classic.


Hermann Luttmann demonstrated his Thunder in the Ozarks Civil War game. Hermann is currently the most prolific game designer around with more than 20 upcoming titles due out in the next year.

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Mark Dagosta and Yours truly are designing a game on the Penobscot expedition, at the time, the United States Navy’s worst disaster except for Pearl Harbor. This is an oft neglected yet fascinating campaign of the Revolutionary war in 1779 where a combined continental naval and land expedition tried to wrest control of a Fort George in Majabigwaduce, that was’ at the time part of the Massachusetts colony. Famous names such as Sir John Moore for the British General Peleg Wadsworth (grandfather of famed poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) and our own Paul Revere participate in this campaign. I am not aware of any other game on this fascinating but ill fated expedition.


There were innumerable historical board games being played including a mini Global Axis and Allies tournament which will most likely be more expansive next year. I saw Star Trek Panic, Twilight in the East, Struggle for Empires, Gettysburg, Combat Commander to name just a few.

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There were plenty of euro games making an appearance Myth, Settlers of Cataan, Fury of Dracula, Scythe, and Star Wars Rebellion. We even had some Dungeons & Dragons players for the first time at FaTDoG. The Number of euro gamers present increased compared to last year and everyone seemed to have a fantastic time.


FaTDoG 2016 had the biggest turnout ever with nearly 150 people attending. It was nice to see over 25 newcomers to the convention and we hope that they had a great time and will spread the word! Moreover. Many of the gamers were youngsters and it is always nice to see new blood entering the hobby.

There were many old friends some of whom attend every year providing my only chance to get to see them. It is always a pleasure to talk and catch up on family, life news and gaming adventures.

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Vendors, Raffle and Games Oh My!

This year we had more vendors than ever. All the local game stores sold their wares at FaTDoG and Steve Rawlings representing Against the Odds, Clash of arms and High Flying Dice was energetic enough to make the journey all the way from Philadelphia to show his support. I hope this is an area where FaTDoG continues to grow. It was nice to talk to the vendors and share their enthusiasm for our hobby.

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We had the biggest raffle to date and gave away over 100 games either as door prizes or items won. That meant almost everybody left with gaming goodies.

And let’s not forget the prestigious FaTDoGGY award. It was partially a calamity when I dropped and broke one of the awards while unloading the car. This was meant to be given to Mark Herman for all his great support of FaTDoG over the years. Mark, I will make it up to you! 


Historical and science-fiction miniatures were well represented although we had 2 people who had planned to run a miniatures events drop out at the last minute. I would like to see more miniatures at FaTDoG.  If anyone is interested in helping develop the miniatures aspect, I would greatly appreciate it. We had David Miller’s giant Battle Cry board and Dave also graciously ran his Mad Max themed Thunder Road game which was visually stunning and quite a lot of fun.

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Things to Come in FatDoG 2017

It is expected that we will be getting an even bigger contiguous space next year at the UpSky Hotel. I am in the process now of reserving the Grand Ballroom so that even the miniatures players can be in the same room with us. It’ll also allow for more spacing between tables and provide room for bigger monster games to be set up and played.

We are likely to have a Axis and Allies tournament going on as part of FaTDoG next year. This will be organized by Joe Goia and is a very welcome added event to FaTDoG.

People also asked for more scheduled events rather than just leaving the day for open gaming. I have tried to organize this in the past but it has been very challenging to find people to commit to running game events and having players sign up for them in a timely manner. Nevertheless we are working on an app that will allow people to schedule game events. The app will display a gaming table with the box cover of the game on the table. There will be several chairs around the table equal to the number of players that can participate. Players will simply fill in their name in one of the chairs to show that they are going to participate in that event. We hope to have this up and running by FaTDoG 2017.

As always, we are open to constructive suggestions as to how to make FaTDoG a better gaming convention. We want this to be your convention and will work as hard as we can to improve the experience from year-to-year. Your help is always appreciated and we need all of you to help get the word out about FaTDoG!