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Winter is coming! In Westeros you would be filled with dread but not here on Long Island. The coming of Winter also brings the premier board gaming event, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day of Gaming (affectionately known as FaTDoG), and this year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever!

It will be held on November 24, the Friday after Thanksgiving, at the same venue as last year however the hotel has changed names and is now the Radisson Hotel Long Island. The doors open at 9 AM and gaming will continue until 11 PM. We have a bigger venue space as we have now taken over the grand ballroom so everyone will be in one big room including vendors, historical board gaming, euro games, the game raffle, the fleamarket and the food service.

For those of you who’ve never attended FaTDoG, here is what you get:

  • 15 hours of continuous gaming time with the best group of people anywhere
  • historical board games, historical miniatures, euro games and more
  • if you buy a preregistered ticket online you will get coupons for a hot lunch and hot dinner plus snacks and drinks
  • local game vendors will be selling their products at discounted prices
  • a large fleamarket open to anyone who wants to sell games and game related items including games, books, videos, gaming paraphernalia
  • a huge game raffle
  • hot and cold lunch with soft drinks and snacks
  • door prizes
  • special events

You can purchase your ticket online by clicking the FaTDoG link in the sidebar. Tickets are $20 and include the entry fee plus coupons for lunch and dinner. Tickets purchased at the door will be $25 and will only include your entry fee but will not include coupons for lunch and dinner.

 Take some time to speak to others who have attended FaTDoG in the past and hear what they have to say about this great gaming event. So purchase your tickets early and we hope to see you there.