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FaTDoG 2017 is fast approaching.  Buy your tickets early before we are sold out! Remember that buying your tickets online gets you a discounted entry price, food vouchers for lunch and dinner and the coveted, collectible FaTDoG door prize!  So just click on the “Buy ticket” link in the upper left corner of the sidebar to purchase your tickets now. Ticket prices will be higher at the door and will not include food vouchers which must be purchased separately for $5.

Tournaments at FaTDoG

This year we will be having our first Axis and Allies tournament complete with a trophy award for the winning player or team. This structure and rules for the tournament are being worked out right now. Stay tuned for further information. We will soon provide information on how to enter.

We plan to have some other tournaments going on at FaTDoG. These will be simply structured so they can be completed in one day. We are looking for suggestions of games you would like to see at these tournaments. So please provide some feedback. We want to tailor this convention to your needs.


We have several vendors attending FaTDoG this year. Legendary Realms, with their new store in Lindenhurst, J and D Hobbies in Massapequa Park, and Against the Odds will be there and Against the Odds will also have products from Clash of Arms, Highflying Dice Games and several other companies. We will also have several independent vendors selling their collections of games.

Signing up for Games

We are currently working on a game sign up sheet which will be available soon on the website. It will allow you to find opponents for games you want to play. Simply post the name of the game, the number of players needed and the time you will start. Other potential players can access this on the website and sign up for the game.  We will then publish a master schedule several days prior to FaTDoG. In this way people can know what games are being played and how to get involved with them..

Don’t forget there is always plenty of open gaming at FaTDoG and people interested in attracting players the day of the event can simply come up to the microphone and make an announcement of what game they are playing and how many players they need. So, don’t feel you have to plan out your whole day or sign up early for gaming.


Don’t forget to bring your games, books, and miniatures to sell out our large fleamarket. There is no fee for selling so take advantage of this opportunity to make some money from your unwanted gaming collection.

Game Demos

We have renowned designer Hermann Luttmann who will be demonstrating some of his Civil War titles and the upcoming designs.

We are still trying to finalize other designers for game demos at FaTDoG and further information will follow.

Food at FaTDoG

Attendees may not bring in outside food to FaTDoG however we will have snacks, coffee, sodas available for no charge. Remember that if you buy your ticket ahead of time you will be getting food vouchers for a hot lunch and dinner. We will also provide free coffee, soda and water. There is a full-service restaurant in the lobby of the hotel as well as a small store to purchase snacks.

FaTDoG Game Raffle

Don’t forget to bring extra money for the fabulous FaTDoG game raffle. We have a large selection of games and books to raffle off this year. Tickets can be purchased on the day of the event.

Miniatures Gaming at FaTDoG

We need people willing to run some miniatures games at the convention. If anyone is interested, please contact me via email so that I can post what events you would like to run.

Having Fun at FaTDoG

Remember, FaTDoG is all about having fun. We will have plenty of gaming, lots of eager players and more space than last year, so spread the word to your gaming friends and family members. The best advertising we get is word-of-mouth from people who have enjoyed FaTDoG in the past. So talk it up!