We are planning to try some new ideas at FaTDoG 2018. Please see below


The Curb Your Dog Raffle

This will be a new concept we are trying for FaTDoG 2018. This raffle will be reserved for highly sought, new, very expensive games or games that have long been out of print and are highly valued. Tickets will be $5 each and will be a special color to denote them from the Underdog raffle (see below). These games will be listed online prior to FaTDoG so  everyone will have an idea what’s in this raffle. For example, we have a new complete Kickstarter version of Steve Jackson’s Ogre, a brand-new Gloomhaven, Scythe with all its expansions, Terraforming Mars and its expansions and some very rare out of print wargames.

There will be one caveat however;  in order for someone to win these games in the raffle there must be a certain minimum number of tickets in the raffle cup to cover the cost of the game. Each raffle cup will clearly display the number of tickets needed in order for the winner to claim his prize. For example, Steve Jackson’s Ogre game will require a minimum of 60 tickets. We will make every effort by way of announcements prior to awarding the raffle to try to reach this level so that games can be claimed. Should there not be enough tickets in a particular game, we will pick one raffle ticket from that game’s cup and award half the money value of the tickets to that person or the person can choose to buy enough tickets to make up for the shortfall and in this way he will win the game. T In this way will be able to offer high-value, dearly sought after games in this raffle. Hence the name of the raffle… Because if you win one of these games you have truly stepped in sh@#t!

The Underdog Raffle – this will be the same as the raffles we always had at FaTDoG. New and used games will be raffled off for $2 a ticket with no minimum in the raffle cup.

Gaming Events at FaTDoG

We are already lining up events for FaTDoG and would hope that other attendees will come forward and run some events also. Here is just a preliminary list. More events will be posted on the website so please check this frequently.

Song of Ice and Fire demo (CMon Games)-with room for up to 8 players we will have a large Game of Thrones miniatures battle using this wonderful game system. The rules will be taught, no experience level is necessary.

Root – a demo for 4 players will be running at various times during the day

Napoleon 1806 – this wonderful game from Shakos has simple to learn rules but is full of strategies and challenges.

Summoner Wars – take a faction and join the action in this very popular board game

Circus Maximus – we are trying to persuade Dave to run his wildly popular chariot race again this year.

Ironclads – the beginning of the age of steam and iron sheathed ships,  we will be using the old Yaquinto board game rules  but have miniatures in place of counters.

Axis and Allies – this wildly popular event will again run at FaTDoG with prizes for the top players

Memoir ’44  Operation Market Garden (a.k.a. “a Bridge Too Far”) from Days of Wonder. Up to 8 players may participate. Time is from 2 PM to 6 PM and there will be a medal awarded to the best player.

Gladiators! – Come join us for a night of simple Roman fun…Hack your way to stardom in the Arena.This can Accommodate 12 players and will be fought using Galdiator miniaturesi n our scale model Roman arena.  It will run simultaneously with the Circus Maximus Chariot Race.  So don your togas!


FaTDoG 2018 presale

We are bringing back the FaTDoG presale again however to ease my work load we’re going to do this in a different fashion.We will have our own little FaTDoG store at the event. You can purchase discounted games there. When you order from the FaTDoG presale the games will simply be added to our inventory and you must come and purchase them on the day of the event. We will not be collecting money up front nor will we be bundling the games in boxes for each person as we did in the past. It simply is too much work

Instead your games will be in our general inventory and you must come and purchase them from the store. You will get the discount at the time of purchase It will be on a first-come first-served basis so if someone else comes and wants to purchase the game, we will not hold it for you. So make sure you get to the FaTDoG store early. If you plan to order a game through the presale please make sure you buy it at the event otherwise I get stuck with the game having already been paid for. I am willing to do my part by putting the money up front; please do  yours and come and buy the game.

The FaTDoG store will have other games besides the games preordered. So you can pick up games at a discount from the FaTDoG store.

So far we have the following companies participating. I’m waiting to hear from several others.

GMT will have a 25% discount

Compass games will have a 20% discount

Legion wargames is offering a 30% discount

Revolution games is offering a 20% discount

Dan Verssen in games is offering a 30% discount

I am still waiting to hear from Columbia games, Academy games and Tiny battles publishing. If there are other game companies you would like me to approach, please feel free. MultiMan publishing does not do the discount nor does Decision games unless we have an aggregate order more than $300.

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Here is how to order.

1.        Only games that are currently in print as of the time we order can be included in your purchase. Do not order preorder games even if the company states they will be out by the time of FaTDoG.

2.       Please give me the exact name of the game, the company that publishes it, and the full list price of the game without any discounts from the publisher. This can be sent to me in a simple email and your game will not be ordered unless it contains these 3 pieces of information.

3.       I must have your order no later than October 24 at midnight. They will be no exceptions to this. I need time to bundle the orders and send them off to the publishers to give them time to fulfill the orders before FaTDoG.

The more business we give the companies the more likely they are to participate next year in the presale. So please get me your orders in the fashion described above so we can get the ball rolling. This is a wonderful chance to order games at a steep discount price