FaTDoG 2018 presale

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We have brought back the FaTDoG presale  The deadline is October 24.

So far we have the following companies participating. I’m waiting to hear from several others.

GMT will have a 25% discount

Compass games will have a 20% discount

Legion wargames is offering a 30% discount

Revolution games is offering a 20% discount

Dan Verssen in games is offering a 30% discount

Academy games 20% discount on only the following games: 1754, 1812 and 1775, 878 Vikings, Freedom and Mare Nostrum


Here is how to order.

  1. Only games that are currently in print as of the time we order can be included in your purchase. Do not order preorder games even if the company states they will be out by the time of FaTDoG. Also, if the company is currently offering a discount it is not likely as much as we are going to get . If you want a discounted game you must give me the list price and we will take the discount off from there.
  2. Please give me the exact name of the game, the company that publishes it, and the full list price of the game without any discounts from the publisher. This can be sent to me in a simple email to FatDogCon@aol.com and your game will not be ordered unless it contains these 3 pieces of information.
  3. I must have your order no later than October 24 at midnight. They will be no exceptions to this. I need time to bundle the orders and send them off to the publishers to give them time to fulfill the orders before FaTDoG.
  4. I have decided that we will not put the games in the FaTDoG store so that people do not have to rush to purchase them. We will revert to the old system of sending me your order and I will issue you an invoice and purchase purchase the game for you and keep them on hold. You can pick them up at FaTDoG at your leisure.
  5. In order to participate in the presale you must have already purchased a ticket to FaTDoG online.

Please start sending your orders in as soon as possible as it takes time to generate the invoices and collate all of the orders.

Thank you