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I am sorry for not posting more regarding our efforts to rethink FaTDoG 2019 but real life intervenes. Nevertheless our silence is not an indication of any less effort to work on our underlying dilemma for the convention. We made an exhaustive search of all Long Island for a less expensive venue that will hold the number of people that we attract (upwards of 160). This has been a very difficult task and I like to give special thanks to David VanderWerf and Dan Miller who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to find us a new home.As I said in previous emails and postings there are essentially three options.
1. Do not hold FaTDoG . This is not happening!
2. Sponsor a much reduced event. This will limit the number of people that can but also will be much less expensive.
3. Keep FaTDoG the way it has been the past few years at an increased price to cover the expense.

Well option 1 is out. We are going to hold FaTDoG somewhere.

Option 2 is the most likely outcome. Space will be much reduced allowing only 50-60 attendees. Outside my core wargaming group and special guests this will leave approximately 35 slots for additional attendees which will be filled on a first-come first-served basis. The cost would be $25 to cover lunch and dinner which will be heroes, side salads and some soft drinks. In essence it will be like going back as it was five years ago. This is a difficult option to swallow since FaTDoG has grown every year since its inception. It means more than half of the usual attendees will not be able to attend.

Option 3 would require a price tag of approximately $60 to keep FaTDoG as it was the last few years. However we would need to have a guaranteed attendance of at least 100 people to make this financially viable. Although I got some people who appreciatively express their devotion to FaTDoG and are not balking at the increased price., It was only one third of numbers needed.
We have been actively looking for a cheaper venue that can hold the required amount of people for full attendance. We have one more venue that we are actively investigating and I expect to know about this by Friday. If this falls through and I do not have the required number of people for option 3, we will revert to option 2.

So how do we proceed from here?

I need everyone who is willing to keep FaTDoG the way it was (option 3) simply send an email that include your full name and your pledge to attend FaTDoG 2019 for the amount of $60 to This must be done by Friday. If I have the required numbers I will go ahead and plan FaTDoG as it was last year.

If I do not get the required numbers we will go with option 2. I will let you know when the slots are available

I apologize for this turn of events. I always wanted FaTDoG to continue its meteoric growth but we have now become a victim of our own success as the expense of the event has risen in conjunction with attendance. Those that know me well understand I have devoted the last 53 years of my life to the hobby and will continue to work as life permits for the betterment of gaming. I appreciate everyone’s support over the past years and your devotion to the cause!


Harvey Mossman