We are happy to see that the ticket sales are going well for FaTDoG. You can buy tickets at the following link:

Buy FaTDoG 2019 Tickets Here

Each ticket must be purchased individually. This is because of the way we generate your badges.

Please try to buy your tickets as soon as possible as I am required to give the venue a headcount to make plans for organizing the food, snacks and refreshments. This is very important so please purchase your tickets as soon as possible. It would help me out tremendously

Events at FaTDoG

Once again we will be using the game scheduler at grognard.com to schedule all events at FaTDoG. You can do this yourselves as individuals by logging onto Grognard.com. You must be a registered user for this website in order to use the new and improved version of the scheduler called Grognard Game Plan. You will find the icon for this in the upper right corner when you log on.


Click on this icon and it will bring you to the the screen below.

2019-11-02 (1)

There are two buttons. The first blue button takes you to the Grognard Game Plan page. The lower but will tell you more about how to use Game Plan. Click on the top button which says “Proceed to the Grognard Game Plan Page”. It will now bring you to the following page which lists all the conventions in the area.

2019-11-02 (2)


Click the View button just to the left of FaTDoG 2019. It will bring you to the page where you can schedule your game events.

2019-11-02 (3)

At this screen click on the Manage Event Games and you will find the following screen.

2019-11-02 (6)

You can now click on the Create New Game Session button and simply fill out the form to enter your game.

We would like everyone to use this to schedule their games even if they have already done so with a close friend so that other attendees can see what’s going on at the convention and possibly participate.

In summary. Please buy your tickets as soon as possible so that I can give the venue numbers to organize the food. Also use the Game Plan application at Grognard.com to schedule your game sessions.

Thank you all for your cooperation! I am really looking forward to seeing everyone once again at FaTDoG 2019!