The countdown to FaTDoG 2019 is running by quickly. Once again I implore you to help me out and purchase your tickets early. I need to get ahead can so that we can make appropriate arrangements for food and beverage I would greatly appreciate it if people could purchase their as soon as possible.
You can purchase your tickets at the following link

This year I have many excellent new mint games for the raffle from various publishing companies. If anyone has any request for game to appear in the raffle please let me know as soon as possible particularly people who enjoy euro games as I am not as familiar with that genre and would appreciate people’s help in selecting games that might be popular for the raffle. I will try to obtain those games for you and put some in the raffle.

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Finally I’d like to ask everyone to schedule their games Game Plan at so that everyone can see the events going on at FaTDoG. Please everyone welcome new players to these games and teach the games as possible. Shortly we will be announcing some game events to be run by our staff. Keep up-to-date by checking our website

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at FaTDoG 2019!

Harvey, Dave, Chris