Miniatures Event Sign up

Email us at with your suggestions for games to play at FaTDoG and what time frame you want to play.  We will post it here where prospective opponents can then sign up for your game.
Please include the Game Title, The Game Publisher, the number of players needed and the time you want to start the game.


Thunder Road (1986) Milton Bradley. A post-apocalyptic, Mad Max style dice-fest! Played with modified Hot Wheels cars on a huge board with custom terrain.

Continuous from 3:00 – 5:00




DavidOMillerCircusMaximusCircus Maximus by Avalon Hill 15 players.   Our 2nd annual event!  Violent and bloody , Circus Maximus details chariot races that occurred in ancient Rome.  Post time 6:00 PM





3 thoughts on “Miniatures Event Sign up”

  1. Sign me up…Circus Maximus… Don Allen (Defending Champion)


  2. Colby Duerk said:

    Please sign me up.


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