Buying tickets for FaTDoG 2015

fatdog_logoNewFaTDoG is only two weeks away and the preregistration’s are rolling in. Preregistration for a ticket to FaTDoG is only $15 and guarantees one of the coveted FaTDoG door prizes and a great day of fun. Preregistration is cheaper than buying tickets at the door and allows us to have your name badge preprinted when you arrive. It also makes it easier for us to get a handle on how many gamers will be attending thereby making our planning much easier.

So take a minute to preregister. Simply go to the left sidebar in the upper corner and click on the “Buy Tickets” button. This will take you to the EventBrite website which is how we are handling ticket sales.

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Gaming at FaTDoG

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Now that the FaTDoG presale is over we need to focus on the games that people want to play at FaTDoG.

David Miller has graciously offered to host his classic Circus Maximus miniatures game but he will be starting much earlier this time as the last time he ran too well after midnight. Dave will have it set up in the miniatures room and people should stop by to see when post time will be to start the race. He can accommodate up to 16 players. This was a lot of fun and a great spectacle to see.

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FaTDoG 2015 welcomes Colin Wessel

Colin Wessel

We are excited that Colin Wessel, sculptor of miniatures for Legendary Realms, will be attending FatDoG this year and will be holding two 45 minute demo sessions for the benefit of our attendees.

At noon, Colin will demonstrate sculpting techniques to create amazingly detailed miniatures.

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At 4 PM, he will be holding a miniatures painting demonstration, showing techniques to make your miniatures look incredible!
So schedule some time to break from your games and attend Collin’s demos. We are very happy to have him at FaTDoG this year.

The FatDoG 2015 Presale Begins!



Welcome to the FatDoG 2015 game presale. This is an added bonus to preregistered attendees coming to the best day of gaming in New York! In short, we have arranged for unprecedented discounts from your favorite game companies. It is an excellent opportunity to expand your game library!


However, to participate, you must follow these simple rules:

1)   You must have already purchased a ticket for FatDoG.   You can obtain a ticket at this the web link:

2) You can order any game or magazine that is currently in print on the publisher’s site. You cannot get the discount for games that are still in preorder on the publisher site. Do not order the games through the publisher’s website. You must order the games through us to obtain the FaTDoG discount!

3) Submit the order to me at . Be very specific about which games and magazines you want. You must let me know if you want the game in a zip lock or boxed addition for some of the publishers. Next to each game please put the publisher’s regular published price for the game found on their website.

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FaTDoG 2015 Kick off!


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We are kicking off FaTDoG 2015 this week with expectations that this year’s con will be bigger and better that ever!

DSC01371FaTDoG continues to attract quite a “Buzz” as we continue to grow and improve.  Many suggestions have come from all of you so please don’t be shy about letting us know how to improve FaTDoG.  We are trying to make this YOUR con, a gaming event that everyone is excited to attend!

DSC01355You can purchase tickets (thereby being pre-registered) by simply clicking on the EventBrite button on the sidebar.

Here is what to expect this year….

Free Food and Drinks all day and night!

Plenty of new Historical board games, Euro games and Historical Miniatures plus other Special Events.  DSC01369

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FaTDoG 2014, Bigger and Better

I would like to thank you for making FaTDoG 2014 so successful.  I hope everyone had a fantastic time.  It was the biggest FaTDoG yet with more than 30% growth over last year.  We had 114 attendees many who were new faces and that’s great to see.  Gamers attended from as far as Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, upstate New York and southern New Jersey.

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Collectively we consumed 36 feet of heros, 25 pizzas, 200 garlic knots, 20 pounds of side salad, 10 pounds of green salad, over 350 soft drinks, 200 cups of coffee, 4 gallons of orange juice, 86 bagels, 20 pounds of various cream cheese and a wonderful chocolate cake brought by one of the attendees.  I definitely have a new appreciation for the quartermaster Corps of the Army!

The miniatures area was buzzing with some great setups.  Thank you everyone who put on a game.  Skill and artistry applied to wargaming is what makes miniatures so unique.

We had more euro games which was nice to see.  The historical board gaming area was very bustling with activity with games such as Axis and Allies, Sword of Rome, Fire in the Lake, Shogun, The Civil War Brigade Series, Angola, Hoplite and more too numerous to recollect.  Everyone was truly having a grand time.

We had game designers attend who patiently taught their labors of love and demoed their upcoming products.  Thanks again to Mark Herman who took the time to teach our group his wonderful design called Fire  in the Lake by GMT games.  In fact I enjoyed this so much that we set up another game at 10 PM and played until the end of FaTDoG.  We had Hermann Luttmann demonstrating his 2 new designs for GMT called At Any Cost and Hammerin’ Sickles.  Both are on the P500 list and only need a few more orders to “Make the Cut”.

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We had wonderful support from all the game publishers, GMT, Columbia Games, Against the Odds, Victory Point Games, Dan Verssen Games, Academy Games, Compass Games and  One Small Step who donated  and steeply discounted their products for the FaTDoG commissary and game raffle.

For the first time we had vendors selling games including John Grasse from Ye Old Toy and Soldier Shop, GameMaster Game Store, Legendary Realms and our own FaTDoG Commissary.  They all want to come back for next year.  The raffle went smoothly without taking time to announce the winners one by one (although I miss the laughter and comradery that brought) so gamers could spend their time gaming.

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We had our first book signing and I would like to thank my friend, Seth Owen for making the trip from Rhode Island.  We even had a small art show by David Miller where we could view imaginative renderings of fantasy and science fiction.

The last gamers finally left at 12:30 AM Saturday morning and as tired as we were, we all seemed to just want to  hang on a little bit longer so that FaTDoG would not end.

Thank you once again for everyone who attended or helped out in some small or big way.  You are a fantastic, wonderful, intelligent, passionate group of people and I am proud to be in your community.  We want to continue to improve FaTDoG and make it the gaming convention that you want to attend.  So please don’t hesitate to send suggestions to us for next year.

Until next year, keep the FaTDoG spirit alive and we will let this puppy continue to grow!

Only 14 more days until FaTDoG!

Hello everyone!

Yes, that’s right.  There are only 14 more days until FaTDoG.

If you have not yet purchased your ticket, please do as soon as possible as we will soon be printing out the name badges and you must be registered to get a badge.  You can purchase your ticket at by clicking the BUY TICKET button in the left margin of the home page of the website.

Here is your FaTDoG checklist.

1.  Bring your printed ticket.  You can’t get in without your ticket!

2.  Bring games you want to play!  We do not yet have a game library that allows you to borrow games.  That’ll be something we will consider in the future.  So please don’t forget to bring games you want to play.

3.  Bring money so you can participate in the great items we have in our game raffle (both historical boardgames and euro games).  Also for the first time at FaTDoG we have some game vendors this year.  Again both historical boardgames and euro games will be sold at big discounts.

4.  Bring games, books and miniatures that you want to sell in the fleamarket.  Once again we will be doing the fleamarket as before where you lay out your items with a price attached to the various games.  You can leave a contact phone number so that you can play games without staying right by the fleamarket.  And if someone is interested in your game games, he will call you and you can negotiate the deal.

5.  Bring friends!  The more the merrier.

6.  It’s not too late to sign up for game events.  Just check our website under the appropriate menu category off games you like to play and see what events are scheduled.  It is not necessary to sign up as there is plenty of open gaming.

7.  Just relax and have fun.  That’s what FaTDoG is all about.  Each year we tried to improve FaTDoG so it is the type of game convention you want.  Some of the highlights this year include:

Designers Corner – we will have game designers showing their upcoming designs and you can playtest them.

Euro game row – that’s right, special place for gamers who enjoy euro games in the main hall.

Fatal Choices book signing – Author Seth Owen will be signing his new book, fatal choices about the World War I naval battles of Cornel and the Falklands.  He will be selling his book at a discounted be happy to autograph for you.

Art show by David Miller – David Miller is a fantastic graphic artist and he will bring some of his artwork to display.  He says that he is willing to sell anything for the right price!  To make him an offer.

The FaTDoG raffle – this year we will not be spending a lot of time announcing the winners.  We will simply post the winners and you can pick up your games anytime after the raffle.  This makes more time for gaming!

The FaTDoG fleamarket

The FaTDoG Commissary vendors selling games,

Circus Maximus – David Miller’s popular then her style chariot racing in miniature!  If you want to participate don’t forget to sign up for this.

So have a great Thanksgiving.  We are all looking forward to seeing you at FaTDoG!


Seth Owen Book Signing and Demo game at FaTDoG

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Fatal Choices : Wargames, Decisions and Destiny in the 1914 Battles of Coronel and Falklands

by Seth Owen

Foreword by Larry Bond

We are delighted to welcome Seth Owen, Author of Fatal Choices to FaTDoG.  Seth and I go way back as gamers to our college days at Northeastern University.  He is a fantastic writer and journalist and we are happy to have him come to sign his book and do a demo miniatures game of one of the battles.

This autumn marks the centennial of The Great War. Among the most dramatic sagas in a dramatic season was that of the German East Asia Squadron under Rear Adm. Maximillian Graf von Spee. Stranded by the sudden outbreak of war on the other side of the world, Spee’s squadron evaded enemy forces for months, dispatched the raider Emden to harass British trade in the Indian Ocean and then handed the Royal Navy its first defeat in battle in 99 years off the shore of Chile near Cape Coronel. That devastating defeat sent two British armored cruisers to the depths with their entire crews at trifling cost to Spee’s squadron.

The stunning defeat provoked the British into sending two of their new battlecruisers thousands of miles from the European theater to search for and destroy Spee’s squadron. Spee and the British squadron met at The Falklands just five weeks after Coronel. This time it was Spee’s squadron which was annihilated.

For a hundred years historians and naval officers have debated Spee’s choices and those of his opponents and speculated about what might have been. Fatal Choices looks at the course of the actual campaign and considers how it might have played out differently. But more than that, Fatal Choices applies the discipline of authentic naval wargames to evaluate those what-ifs under realistic constraints. And it provides the reader with the tools to see for himself how the battles may have played out.

By special arrangement with noted author and wargame designer Larry Bond, Fatal Choices contains an extract of Bond’s superbly authentic and comprehensive Fear God & Dreadnought naval wargaming rules providing the reader with all the rules, ship forms and tables needed to refight the historical battles and several credible what-ifs. See For Yourself scenarios examine historical battles such as Coronel and the Cocos Islands, as well as possible alternative fights such as Spee running into the Australian battlecruiser HMAS Australia or the old battleship HMS Canopus. Other scenarios examine what might have happened if the modern armored cruiser HMS Defense had joined the British squadron in time for Coronel or if Spee had a ventured to attack the British ships while they were coaling in Stanley Harbor instead of attempting to flee.

Fatal Choices also includes another entire set of rules, an extract of Minden Game’s NavTac fast-play naval wargaming rules for those readers who are new to naval wargaming or pressed for time.


Seth Owen is a long-time wargamer, journalist and veteran. This is his first book.

Signed editions of the book will be available for $25, $35 with the exclusive Fatal Choices laser-cut counter set that includes all the ships needed to refight all the battles included inside.