FatDoG is the Friday After Thanksgiving Day of Gaming!


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FaTDoG is the annual Friday After Thanksgiving Day of Gaming this year being held at the UpSky Hotel in Hauppauge, NY on Long Island.

FaTDoG now draws over 120 gamers for a great day of Historical Boardgaming and Conflict simulation,  Historical Miniatures and Eurogaming.  We provide free food and drinks, a huge game raffle, a flea market to sell your used games and books, and 15 hours of the most fun you will have on any given Friday.

So I hope you will come and check it out this year.  Just click on the EventBrite widget in the left sidebar to purchase your ticket and bring the games you want to play.  You can always find an amicable opponent at FaTDoG.

See you there!!

Announcing FaTDoG West!

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 I am pleased to announce that FaTDoG will have another dog in its litter with the establishment of FaTDoG West to be held on the Friday after Thanksgiving at Pair a Dice Games in San Diego County. Hosted by Alan Emrich of Victory Point Games, this puppy will start out small but hopefully grow to a full-blown FaTDoG convention for those of you on the West Coast. We are excited to welcome this new pup and we hope Southern California gamers are going to love FATDOG West. We will provide people with more details as they come in.

FaT DoG 2016 Game Pre Sale is back!


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Once again we are fortunate enough to have many game publishers support FaTDoG by allowing us to buy games at incredible discounts for FaTDoG attendees. This is known as the fabulous FaTDoG Presale!  These game publishers have been extremely generous throughout the years so let’s try to support them! The FaTDoG presale is a wonderful opportunity to buy games you have always wanted but were hesitating to urchase or games you thought you would like to try but the price just seemed a little bit out of reach. Now Withthe discounts, you can get them inexpensively. It’s a wonderful way to add to your game library.

Here are the rules for the FaTDoG 2016 presale:

1. You must be preregistered and bought a preregistered ticket in order to take advantage of the presale. You can purchase your tickets by clicking on the “Buy tickets” button on the upper left column.
2. You must email me your order no later than midnight October 21.
3. You can only order games that are currently in print. You cannot order any games still on preorder on the publishers website. I want to emphasize this as every year we get people ordering games that are still on preorder.
4. Once you send me your order I will send you an email invoice. Payment is due at the time of receipt of this invoice. You can pay by mailing a personal check or via PayPal, or Venmo.
5. Your games will be available for pickup at FaTDoG 2016. If you would like to pick them up any earlier, you can make special arrangements with me.

The following companies are participating this year and their discounts are below:

Flying Pig                                        10% off
Tiny Battles                                    10% off
Columbia Games                          30% off
Legion Games                               40% off
Compass Games                           35% off
GMT Games                                    40% off
Revolution Games                       30% off
Victory Point Games                   15% off
Academy Games                           35% off with special pricing on Mare Nostrum -empires bundle at $85
Operational Studies Group      30% off
Decision Games                           10% off if the collective order is $100-$200,
                                                          20% off of the collective order is $201-$300
                                                          30% off of the collective order is $301 or greater
This year we are happy to welcome Against the Odds magazine, Clash of Arms and Highflying Dice games who will be represented at the FaTDoG convention as vendors so their games will be available for direct purchase at FaTDoG.
In later postings I will be recommending some of my favorite games from these companies.
Let’s try to support our publishers who have so generously supported us. Please give me your orders as soon as possible so that we can start processing them. It is a complex process to collate, invoice, order and receive shipment of these games. So please take mercy our FaTDoG staff and get your orders and as soon as you can.

FaTDoG 2016 is moving to a new location!


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That’s right, FatDoG 2016, New York’s premier gaming convention, will be in a new location! It will be held at the Upsky Hotel 110 Motor Pkwy. in Hauppauge, New York On November 25, 2016 from 9 AM until midnight.

 Upsky picture

Why the change?

 We are victim of our own success. FaTDoG 2016 has outgrown our old venue. We need more room, more tables for gaming and more space for vendors. So we had to think big!


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FaTDoG 2016 promises to be bigger and better than ever. We will have more vendors and more space. We will have a free lunch and dinner buffet with hot food, drinks and snacks. The Upsky Hotel is a slightly more upscale venue. There is a full restaurant in the lobby as well as a snack shop that will have coffee snacks and drinks.

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FaTDoG 2015 a Resounding Success

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FaTDoG 2015 has come and gone and it will soon be time to prepare for next year. Everyone had a great time. We had 112 attendees traveling from as far as California as well as  southern New Jersey, Connecticut and all the local areas in between.

Historical War gaming was well represented at FaTDoG with games from GMT, Multi-Man Publishing, Avalon Hill, Hasbro, Victory Point Games, Revolution games, Legion Wargames, Academy Games, Columbia Games, OSG, Dan Versen Games, Turning Point Simulations, Against the Odds Magazine and many others. There were some monster games and many other small manageable games played.

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The miniatures area was busy with demos of Sergeants!, Bolt Action, Foreign Legion, Golem Arcana, Thunder Road, and of course, Circus Maximus. This year it was Legendary Realms own Colin Wessel who survived the three treacherous laps of Circus Maximus to win the coveted FaTDoGGy award!

Euro games were also well represented and perhaps the part of the convention that grew the most. We also had an expanded Euro game section in the raffle.

Food spread (2)

We ate 36 feet of heroes, 22 pieces, 16 pounds of side salad and 360 soft drinks in 15 hours of continuous gaming some of the best people that I know.

It is a wonderful crowd that attends FaTDoG each year and I am happy to be acquainted with all of them. This year we held a special auction for Rich Rochlitz who unfortunately passed away. Rich was a true gentleman with a big heart who loved wargaming. We auctioned off some of his collection to help out his family and I must commend everyone who attended for supporting this wonderful cause.

We had 14 wargame companies support us during the presale to FaTDoG where attendees get deep discounts for game purchases. We also had local game stores such as J and D Hobbies, Legendary Realms and GameMaster games support us by selling their games at the convention. They universally agreed to come back next year.

We all had a great time and the question on everyone’s lips at the end was “Why do we have to wait another whole year before doing this again?”. There is some talk about having a convention again in the spring and I will let you know more about this as plans develop.

Thank you all for attending FaTDoG. We hope you will spread the word and let your friends know about this great convention. Invite them along for next year.
And I would ask a special favor of all of you to send me your pictures so that I may share them with others.
Have great holidays !


Miniatures events at FaTDoG 2015


Some people come to FaTDoG to play with little cardboard pieces, others with little wooden blocks and meeples, but many come to FaTDoG to play games involving highly detailed diorama quality map boards, and beautifully painted miniature soldiers.

We will have plenty of miniature games going on at FaTDoG 2015. James Lombardi will be running a French Foreign Legion game using Sword and the Flame rules.

World War II Skirmish level miniatures with Bolt Action rules will also be played in the miniatures room

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We will have Thunder Roads, a Mad Max style game for those of you who are fans of the genre.


And let’s not forget Dave Miller’s wonderful Circus Maximus, kind of a mad Max style game for the fans of ancient Rome.

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We will have an event sign up board by the registration desk. Just look for the time these games will be played and list your name as wanting to participate. There is usually never a problem to get into any of these games as they all take multiple players.

See you at FaTDoG!


Buying tickets for FaTDoG 2015

fatdog_logoNewFaTDoG is only two weeks away and the preregistration’s are rolling in. Preregistration for a ticket to FaTDoG is only $15 and guarantees one of the coveted FaTDoG door prizes and a great day of fun. Preregistration is cheaper than buying tickets at the door and allows us to have your name badge preprinted when you arrive. It also makes it easier for us to get a handle on how many gamers will be attending thereby making our planning much easier.

So take a minute to preregister. Simply go to the left sidebar in the upper corner and click on the “Buy Tickets” button. This will take you to the EventBrite website which is how we are handling ticket sales.

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Gaming at FaTDoG

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Now that the FaTDoG presale is over we need to focus on the games that people want to play at FaTDoG.

David Miller has graciously offered to host his classic Circus Maximus miniatures game but he will be starting much earlier this time as the last time he ran too well after midnight. Dave will have it set up in the miniatures room and people should stop by to see when post time will be to start the race. He can accommodate up to 16 players. This was a lot of fun and a great spectacle to see.

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FaTDoG 2015 welcomes Colin Wessel

Colin Wessel

We are excited that Colin Wessel, sculptor of miniatures for Legendary Realms, will be attending FatDoG this year and will be holding two 45 minute demo sessions for the benefit of our attendees.

At noon, Colin will demonstrate sculpting techniques to create amazingly detailed miniatures.

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At 4 PM, he will be holding a miniatures painting demonstration, showing techniques to make your miniatures look incredible!
So schedule some time to break from your games and attend Collin’s demos. We are very happy to have him at FaTDoG this year.

The FatDoG 2015 Presale Begins!



Welcome to the FatDoG 2015 game presale. This is an added bonus to preregistered attendees coming to the best day of gaming in New York! In short, we have arranged for unprecedented discounts from your favorite game companies. It is an excellent opportunity to expand your game library!


However, to participate, you must follow these simple rules:

1)   You must have already purchased a ticket for FatDoG.   You can obtain a ticket at this the web link:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/friday-after-thanksgiving-day-of-gaming-fatdog-2015-tickets-18491674095?ref=wpwidget

2) You can order any game or magazine that is currently in print on the publisher’s site. You cannot get the discount for games that are still in preorder on the publisher site. Do not order the games through the publisher’s website. You must order the games through us to obtain the FaTDoG discount!

3) Submit the order to me at HMossmanMD@aol.com . Be very specific about which games and magazines you want. You must let me know if you want the game in a zip lock or boxed addition for some of the publishers. Next to each game please put the publisher’s regular published price for the game found on their website.

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